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Justin Daerr discusses long term progression in triathlon from his experience as an athlete. Accompanying slides are available on

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This is a podcast of a webinar conducted on January 23rd. It is best to listen to this podcast with the power point slides that go along with it.

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This episode touches on my early days of triathlon as well as thought on nutrition and weightloss.

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We sat down with Kyle Fredin to hear his impressions of the Big Show. As a professional in the weather field, his explanation of Kona conditions is quite interesting.
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Kyle Fredin qualified for Ironman Hawaii at his first Ironman. He shares his experience with Justin and Gordo.
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Dirk Friel raced as a Pro Cyclist in Belgium and is a co-founder of PeaksWare LLC - he's a dad, coach and business man.
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Joanna Zeiger is an olympian, world champion triathlete and multiple Ironman champion. She sat down with Endurance Corner Radio.
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